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PT. ALMI FURNITURE PERDANA is based in YOGYAKARTAINDONESIA. It operates from premises of over 13.000 m2. All furniture are handmade using kiln dried wood.

Processing activities, including Q.C., packing, labeling, loading, fumigation are done in-house, thus guarantying a perfect service and consistent quality.

Control of Moisture Content (M.C.) of The Wood :
Any wood used for the furniture structure is made of kiln dried elements. It is systematically electronically controlled on access to our premises.
Three drying chambers are also used at our site to further guarantee that the proper M.C. is respected, and that best product durability is obtained.

ALMI Furniture drying chambers.

Wood Treatment :
Whenever required, all our wooden structures are systematically treated by total immersion in pools loaded with DTM (Deltamethrin). It provides long lasting protection against all wood boring insects.
We further and also systematically fumigate all containers (Hydrogen Phosphide); For specific destinations (Australia, Canada, China, ...) we provide AQIS fumigation procedure; All these operations are confirmed by the issuance of proper certificates.

ALMI Furniture pools for protection againts insects.

Timber Legality Verification / S.V.L.K.
All our wood products are produced from legally trusted wood. The verification is done under the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System known as SVLK (Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu). PT. ALMI provides such certification for any container loaded.

ALMI Furniture Timber Legality Verification.

Quality Control :
Our internal system of QC is based on step by step procedure; Each work department (in general 6 different operations) is subjected to an internal QC. “Pass” results allows the related furniture to continue further in the finishing process.
Before packing, a final and independent PT. ALMI department is in charge of clearing the goods or submission to clients own QC (when required).

ALMI Furniture quality control.

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Office  & Factory Show Room
Godegan, Tamantirto, Kasihan, Bantul Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai No. 403
Yogyakarta 55183 - INDONESIA Sanur, Bali - INDONESIA
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